Fun in the Sun with Teddy Bear Club

Summer in Sicily means hot days, beach trips, and fun in the sun with friends. USO Sigonella brought just that to the youngest members of the community and their parents with a monthly Teddy Bear Club event geared toward a fun summer theme. The little ones got together early in the morning to beat the extreme temperatures of the day. They hid from the scorching sun under the pavilion on Marinai base housing to make sure to last for the entire hour of fun that was planned out for them. As everyone began arriving they all started smiling from ear to ear as familiar faces were recognized from previous Teddy Bear Club meets.

The main event of Teddy Bear Club is story time but it is paired with a complementary craft-making session as well, giving them the opportunity to show off their creative side. As upbeat children’s music was playing in the background the participants got a chance to create a crab puppet. Once they completed it many of the children ran around the grassy fields while waving their new creations in the air, bringing them to life. Snacks were handed out by USO Volunteers to ensure the young artists stayed hydrated and energized.

After they completed their creations and took a snack break they then joined around on picnic blankets for story time where “Ocean Waves For All” by Stacy Mcanulty was read. The vibrant pages of the book had all of the children engaged and asking questions as the story was read. Some said they love coming to this event mainly for story time while others enjoy the craft more. Either way, they don’t go home empty-handed. Not only do the children get to take home their masterpieces but they also take home fun memories made with friends from the community that will last a lifetime.

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