Insta-Trivia at Del Din

Do you know what year the US Army was established? Well, our service member on Del Din sure did when USO Vicenza came by to test their knowledge. On a beautiful day at the end of March, USO Staff Member, Tyrana-Kelly Rex was on Del Din testing service member’s trivia knowledge! That morning, USO volunteers Zan and Lynde popped some delicious, buttery popcorn as a treat for all participants who dared to test their knowledge. Even though everyone who participated got popcorn, the competition was fierce. The service members had to answer a series of increasingly more difficult questions to play for bigger prizes such as sweet treats, outdoor sports equipment, travel entertainment, and more. The grand prize was a $50 Visa gift card provided by USAA! Volunteer Pam showed that she wasn’t afraid and assisted Tyrana-Kelly Rex in asking questions and distributing prizes to all. These great prizes weren’t the only amazing things at this event. One of the USO partners, Community Bank, was also on Del Din handing out sweet freshly made cookies, along with information about their services. As lunch died down, service members went back to work with some delicious snacks. Trivia savvy service members got to show off the prizes they won to their co-workers and all left with a smile on their faces.

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