ShotEx in Sigonella

In a continued effort to protect the NAS Sigonella community from COVID-19, large-scale (voluntary) vaccination events have been put on by U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella using the base gym on NAS I. The vaccination is available to active duty military, dependents of active duty and retirees, GS employees and their dependents 18+ years or older. The hospital staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure all patrons attending the events are able to get vaccinated, even if that means working well into the evening. They have shown their top priority is serving and protecting the community, and when USO Sigonella was called upon to help in these efforts, they were ready to lend a helping hand.

Organizing base-wide events such as the ShotEx COVID-19 vaccination event is no easy feat for the staff of U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella. It requires support from the community and local volunteers to provide top quality service to the patrons attending. To show appreciation for the hard work that goes into organizing a ShotEx event, USO Sigonella staff and volunteers attend and set up a table with hot coffee, bottled water, snacks, and sandwiches for hospital staff and volunteers to enjoy during their well-deserved breaks. This support aligns with the health and wellness initiative USO Sigonella has been implementing in its center and new programs since the start of the New Year. Supporting those who are working hard to put an end to COVID-19 is another example of USO Sigonella strengthening America’s military and continuing to be a place where people know they can turn to, especially in these unprecedented times.

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