USO Sigonella Volunteer of the Year- Takayla Ingram

This has been a year like no other, yet here at USO Sigonella we feel grateful as ever. Through hardship is when people truly shine, and our volunteers have proven to do just that. They have continued to spread USO goodness to the service members and families of NAS Sigonella and even with the hectic changes we all endured, they always stayed positive and focused on our mission. We’d like to highlight one volunteer for being instrumental at helping us achieve our mission through all the ups and downs we have all seen this year.

Meet our Volunteer of the Year for 2020, AO2 Takayla Ingram. You may recognize her from events such as; Taste of Home To-Go, Instant Trivia and helping around the USO Center and pop up events. Takayla was also awarded Volunteer of the Quarter for USO Italy this past Summer for her hard work and dedication to the USO mission. She was instrumental in the aid of our programs getting back up and running after the long break from in person events due to Covid restrictions. A volunteer with us since August 2019, Takayla continues to be dependable and always willing to help when called upon. She has proven to be a great team leader to new volunteers and will go above and beyond at each event to ensure our participants are getting the best service possible. She always has a smile on her face and truly cares about serving her fellow service members and their families to the best of her ability. We are so fortunate to call her our Volunteer of the Year and friend. When asked about her volunteer experience, this is what Takayla had to say;

“I absolutely love my time with the USO because of its ability to uphold its mission and successfully fulfill the lives of those who serve. It is very fulfilling to help them achieve this mission and get a glimpse at the hard work and dedication that goes into the planning and as of late, the flexibility. They did a wonderful job adjusting to our abnormal year and successfully sustained the end goal which is to serve those who serve.”

Thank you Takayla for all your hard work this past year! We look forward to working with you in 2021!

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